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Press: Evening Standard

Press: Evening Standard

Furnishing Futures were featured in an exclusive article in the Interiors section of the Evening Standard.


Wheeler also talks about a young woman who was given an empty flat just days after giving birth in traumatic circumstances. She was expected to go straight to the housing office from the hospital after giving birth, and to bring her newborn home to a flat without a fridge, washing machine, cooker or curtains.

“[She] was extremely relieved to have this support and had been in the flat for a little while when she was referred. The stress that she was experiencing and the home not being comfortable and safe for her baby had affected his development, and she said that he had started crawling after they got the furniture. That was quite amazing,” says Wheeler.

She adds: “It’s a real privilege to be let into people’s lives. For them to trust me to be able to do that for them is amazing and rewarding. I’m very grateful to all of the women who we support.”

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