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Bundle of Love

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The Bundle of Love gives a much needed boost to women who have experienced domestic abuse, poverty or adversity and been rehoused in empty accommodation and who we are supporting with furniture. Women who have experienced significant trauma and abuse often experience low self esteem, poor self worth and low mood. This bundle helps us to provide a woman we are supporting with wellbeing essentials to show them that they are loved, valued and cared for. 

Leaving an abusive partner is only the start of the recovery journey for women who are likely to be feeling lost, alone and lacking in confidence. Taking some time and space for themselves, doing something nurturing and relaxing at home helps women to rebuild their self worth.

How your gift helps

Thanks to people like you we can give the women we support a pampering and wellbeing gift that includes relaxing bubble bath; soothing essential oils; a sleep mask; luxurious body lotion; hand cream and sleep mist.

What happens when you buy this package?

Your money goes directly to the charity where it will help a family in need with the gift you selected. You will receive a digital download certificate representing your donation (and all our thanks!). If you have bought this as a gift for someone else you can forward it on to them. 

Why Subscribe?

Subscriptions enable us to plan as a charity, if we know we have regular money pledged, we know what capacity of cases we can realistically help. Regular donations mean we can be sure that we will be able to meet costs like our storage containers, paint or tools; and help more families in the future.

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