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Living Room Bundle

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This Living Room Bundle ensures that a woman who has fled domestic abuse or who is experiencing adversity can have space to relax and recover, and as she rebuilds her life to be able to invite friends and family over without worrying about the stigma of having no furniture. Furnishing Futures supports women and children who have escaped domestic violence or who are experiencing poverty and living without furniture, which means no sofa or armchairs to read or relax on, no storage for everyday items and no suitable furniture to be able to invite friends or family over.

Being able to relax after work or school in a living room that is comfortable and feels homely and welcoming is important for women and children who are rebuilding their lives after adversity.

How your gift helps

The money from your donation means that we can provide everything a woman needs for a restorative and comfortable living room for her to rest and spend time alone or together with her children. Your gift will sponsor the delivery of a comfortable sofa, storage, occasional tables, lamps, rugs and accessories to create a homely and welcoming space.

What happens when you buy this package?

Your money goes directly to our charity where it will help a family in need with the gift you selected. You will receive a digital download certificate representing your donation (and all our thanks!). If you have bought this as a gift for someone else you can forward it on to them. 

Why Subscribe?

Subscriptions enable us to plan as a charity, if we know we have regular money pledged, we know what capacity of cases we can realistically help. Regular donations mean we can be sure that we will be able to meet costs like our storage containers, paint or tools; and help more families in the future.

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