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Press: Real Homes Magazine

Press: Real Homes Magazine

Furnishing Futures were featured in an article in Real Homes Magazine about how people can support community charities focussed on repurposing furniture. 


If you’ve not heard of furniture poverty before, Emily explains more: ‘It’s when people cannot afford or access basic items that most of us would take for granted such as a bed, sofa, dining table and chairs or even a fridge or oven. It’s a problem that affects many thousands of people in the UK, but it’s not widely talked about and, of course, it’s hidden behind closed doors, so you wouldn’t ever know that someone was experiencing it unless you went to their home. Living without furniture causes enormous stress and takes its toll mentally and physically. People can’t sleep well without a proper bed to sleep in, so they’re tired at work or at school; you can’t have friends over for a meal or to socialise and you can never relax. It can be extremely depressing for people and impacts all other areas of their lives.’

Read full article here

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